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Choose any piece from our Discovery Kit. You cover the shipping, we'll cover the rest; sustainably, and ethically crafted using only the finest sterling silver and 18k gold.


Hey, we're Finley.

We want you to be the best version of yourself, that’s why we create jewelry that makes you feel great, and look great.

Designed for you.

We’re inspired by the people who wear our pieces and we thoughtfully design them to fit right into your everyday life.

Materials matter.

Quality is a must, our workshop is entirely nickel-free and and we handcraft every piece because quality takes time.

Ethics & sustainability.

Fair treatment of workers, and reducing our impact on the environment because anything less isn't cool with us.

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Finley Essentials in the wild

Perfect for any occasion.

Thoughtfully designed so you can wear them from morning to night, from the office to the patio and basically everywhere in between.

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