Sustainable looks good on you.

Meticulous craftmanship, sustainably sourced materials and honest pricing. We’re choosing to do things differently so we can give you everyday jewelry you’ll actually want to wear – without having to compromise

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“I was genuinely impressed with Finley’s earnest dedication to doing things a better way.”

- Glamour Magazine

Authentic Edit

Organic, natural shapes for that summer '19 vibe
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Huggie Edit

These chunky, vintage style hoops are inspired by the powerful women that led before us
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Bold Wave Rings

Tone Edit

When you want rings that are simple but not plain, chunky but not bulky
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The Solaire Edit

Backless hoops and constellation inspired studs - we gave our favourite earrings a makeover you'll love
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Finley recycles every drop of water used

Every drop counts

We recycle every drop of water used in making your pieces because wasting a valuable resource has never been cool.

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