We’re setting a new standard in Quality

Let’s get real - jewelry is not the same anymore. 

You're often forced to choose between ridiculously expensive pieces or cheap tacky pieces that we all know are going to fall apart. At Finley, we don’t believe that you should have to choose between the two so we’ve crafted our pieces using the finest materials, in ethical factories, and sold without traditional markups.

Our Materials

Sterling Silver



14k Gold Vermeil


Whether your piece is gold or silver, some TLC will keep it looking brand new.

Things like lotions and hand sanitizers will dull your pieces much quicker, so remove your pieces when applying. Sterling Silver is water sensitive, so before that deep cleanse or gym sesh, we highly recommend removing your pieces.

When you’re not wearing your pieces, keep it in the airtight bag it came with or your Finley pouch to keep your pieces from oxidizing faster.

To maintain it’s glowing shine, buff your piece gently with a dry soft cloth.