We have high standards

We started Finley with the singular goal to craft better jewelry. This starts with the very metals and stones that go into your pieces. Our workshop is entirely nickel-free and we strive to keep it that way. If you ever have any questions or concerns about any of our pieces, give us a shout and one of our stylists will be happy to help.


14k Gold

Nothing beats solid gold and ours is here for the long haul. Our 14k gold doesn’t discolour, tarnish or break so it fits right in with those who like to live in their pieces.

Wear them in the shower, the gym, the beach and basically everywhere in between without worry.

18k Gold Vermeil

Our gold vermeil pieces start with a sterling silver base and is finished in a super thick, 2.5 micron layer of 18k Gold- which is 5 times thicker than the average. As one of the most popular precious metals, our 18k gold is a durable and gorgeous alloy that gives our gold vermeil pieces it’s buttery finish. 

Sterling Silver

Ethically and responsibly sourced from Germany, our 925 Sterling Silver is the base for all of our vermeil pieces. Our sterling silver is made up of 92.5% pure Silver and 7.5% Copper, we use Sterling Silver not only to provide a better foundation over brass, but it’s also a precious metal built to last.

Caring for your pieces

As a general rule, you should remove your pieces before you shower, bathe, or wash your hands. If you don't remove your jewelry, you risk damaging them as well as giving them a dull appearance - which will be difficult to remove once it's built up. Avoid getting lotions, perfumes, cosmetics, and hair products on your pieces, because overtime these products can tarnish your jewelry.

Remove pieces before you go into a hot tub, swimming pool, or are exposed to any chemicals. The chemicals will weaken delicate parts and break your jewelry. 

For sterling silver, you should remove your jewelry while doing household chores. When sterling silver comes into contact with chemicals, perspiration, rubber, bleach, or any products containing sulfur, the chemicals will cause corrosion and tarnish in your jewelry. 

Cleaning + Polishing

To wash your pieces containing 14k gold, sapphires or sterling silver, use warm water with a couple of drops of mild dishwashing liquid (ammonia- and phosphate-free), or a cleaning solution that's specifically made for gold, and let it soak.

Gently scrub your piece with a soft toothbrush in an up and down motion. Place your piece back in lukewarm water to remove any soap residue left over. Once that's completed, let it air dry, or towel dry it with a paper towel or cloth - but be gentle! Gold and silver are soft and can be easily scratched. We recommend cleaning your pieces 3-4 times per year to make your jewelry shine. 

As for cleaning gold vermeil, gently buff your piece with a soft cloth and place it back into your jewelry box! While the gold vermeil itself won't tarnish, the silver underneath might.