Golden talks how to conquer a trash relationship

How would you describe yourself?

My name is Madison A.K.A. Golden. That’s actually the name I love: Golden or gold skin. I’m a model, stylist, graphic designer and I want to be a clothing designer. I’m very passionate, like extremely passionate.

So overall a boss ass bitch? What’s the hardest lesson that you had to learn about yourself?

That, I’m almost too possessive. And that I was addicted to instant gratification like craving attention for example, and that’s not the best trait I have. Hardest lesson is just dealing with that side of myself and not to punish myself too much. Because, being passionate, you get really up and you get really down.

We all go through a phrase where we forget about being true to ourselves and our own boundaries. Eventually, we have to unlearn that. What was that turning point for you?

I’m actually going through this right now. Recently, I fell in love with somebody I shouldn’t have and that was just a whirlwind because I was constantly comparing myself to him and people around him who already made their goals. It kind of forbid me from making mine. The turning point for me was at the end of it. It was like “wow I’m not doing anything for myself.”

Do you ever talk it out?

I actually just recently got a therapist because “I’m like who do I talk to?” I hate putting things on other people. I feel bad. I like listening to people and if I was to have a job that wasn’t in the creative industry, I would totally be a psychologist.

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How do you make sure to remain authentic and honoring of yourself?

I try not to think about what other people think. I found out that when I first started out on social media, I was following trends. I wasn’t being myself at all. And me and my hair! I have an ongoing crazy relationship with my hair. I had fake hair for a long time. I was like why am I doing this? To get attention? That’s what I meant by my addiction to instant gratification! So, to remain authentic, if I think I want to do something, I will just do it. And, then I’m happy about it after. It usually has better results then just faking it.

So you’re not a fan of conforming then?

No. Similar to how I feel about university. I’m currently deferring. And, my parents are really pissed until I started working very hard in the creative industry. I have a strategy and I know what I’m doing. I have a passion and that’s me.

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What are you focusing on now?

Everyone’s so focused on social media and looking at a screen. They don’t hang out with themselves, they don’t know themselves all that well.

I’ve had best friends where I don’t know where they are. They’re there but are they really there? So I learned, I better be my own best friend. I used to be super introverted, I couldn’t even speak. Actually, it was more like I didn’t really know how to make friends so I got to be my own friend. So, because of that now, I’m very extroverted and I can’t believe I was like that. It was me coming into the world with precious energies.