No Compromises

We believe in responsibility – to both our environment and our team. Our workshop is built on minimizing the impact on our environment. We go the extra mile to ensure things like our wastewater is properly cleansed before being disposed of and all residual metals are properly recycled. Every team member involved in crafting your piece is paid a fair and livable wage and has access to proper benefits because inhumane working conditions have never been cool.

People over profit, every time

We’re serious about being a truly ethical brand so we had to start at the root of it all, where we make your pieces. Our workshop is 1 of 12 in the world that holds the highly coveted SA8000 certificate. SA8000 is a global accountability certification for manufacturers. The certification is based on nine core labour provisions that are respected internationally and help secure ethical working conditions.

To be certified is no easy feat, first we had to go through several audits to validate that our operations exceed, not just meet, the guidelines. Once approved, we’re then subject to several vigorous unannounced audits throughout the year to ensure that we remain compliant on a regular basis. If you’re a sucker for details, see here for the full guidelines of what we comply with.

Honest Luxury

We cover all our bases when it comes to the environment and we don’t believe in cutting corners. In addition to our SA8000 certificate, our workshop also earned the ISO14001 certificate.

The ISO14001 is a global environmental certification for organizations that put sustainability at the heart of their operations.The certification is awarded to organizations who exceed the strict standards set out to protect the environment from harm and degradation. It focuses on issues such as sustainable resource use and climate change mitigation. This certificate is entirely voluntary and requires us to be incredibly committed to being sustainable.

It’s not easy to get the certificate but we don’t believe in cutting corners.