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Limited Editions

They say good things come in small packages

Each and every one of our solid 14k gold pieces are hand crafted in small batches with care, love and a killer eye for detail

Shine baby shine

Fun fact: The trillion cut is considered one of the brightest gemstone cuts 

Fun-ner Fact: Our Ava studs are crafted with the finest trillion cut white sapphires so it catches the light in all the right places.

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Quality over quantity.

We don’t take shortcuts, especially when it comes to our gold pieces. Because gold is such a malleable material, a lot of it can be lost during the polishing stage of the crafting process when using machinery like tumblers. To combat this, every single Finley piece is obsessively hand polished to minimize the wastage and maximize shine.

Pave, Pave, Pave

Cuffed in the most brilliant of white sapphires the Yumi Pave ring is the ultimate open ring for any ring rotation. Layer it with the Eve ring or have it stand out on it’s own

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More gold, less markup.

We don’t do middleman markups. We simply don’t believe that they’re the best way to bring you the best product. We’re strictly a direct-to-consumer brand meaning we cut out the unnecessary 10x markup traditional retail charges and pass on the savings to you – all without sacrificing on quality.

Drop it like it's hot

Dew shaped Gisele reimagines the classic drop earrings. Comes in solid gold, white gold and rose gold so you can pair it with all your OOTD’s

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