Cara Threader

*Made just for you. It takes up to 4 weeks for us to create your piece from scratch!
The classic threader earrings reimagined. This sphere threader is the epitome of it-girl luxe and perfect for the modern minimalist. Hand crafted using sustainably sourced silver from Germany and always without the retail markup. Available in 14k Solid Gold for those with allergies.

Hand polished every time

We don’t take shortcuts, especially when it comes to our gold pieces. Because gold is such a malleable material, a lot of it can be lost during the polishing stage of the crafting process when using machinery like tumblers so every single Finley piece is hand polished for minimum waste and maximum shine.

Sustainability looks good

Your pieces are handcrafted by the world's best crafters using only the finest ethically sourced materials from Germany. Each gold and silver grain is meticulously inspected to make sure it passes our purity test before it’s melted down so we get it right every. single. time.

Water matters

Jewelry crafting is really hard on the environment - especially on water. We recycle every drop of water used to make your pieces and clean over 14,000 gallons per month so not a single drop is wasted.